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Richard Friedrich Weissmann is the Till Eulenspiegel of the IT project management scene in South Africa. He has become the Karen, the Van der Merwe, the Murphy, and the meme of his realm.

You will not find any means of saving a troubled project within his canon, wisdom according to Dick F. Weismann is to kill the potentially problematic project before its inception, or as soon as possible thereafter.

Despite a number of claims to the contrary, it is not possible to determine if Dick F. Weissmann ever existed in the flesh, but he does live today as a most real and useful construct.

Over the decades gracious software engineers have hacked government systems to create an ID number for him and to register him for income tax. This enabled Dick F. Weissmann to be recommended, employed*, promoted, blamed for failures, and fired if required.

Executives who signed his contracts and later ordered his firing remain none the wiser to this day. This pattern is expected to continue for the foreseeable future, since all well regarded research, weighted and averaged, has found that roughly 85% of executives do not read. The balance is shown to measure high in openness and gullibility. It should therefore be possible to keep these executives off the trail by employing minimal misdirection.

This webpage contains some of the stories and sayings of Dick F. Weissmann. To all visitors who are familiar with the fables of SA IT project management - please feel free to contact the administrator and share your Dick F. Weissmann story.

It should be noted that all sources who spoke about his faux employment indicated that all of Dick F. Weissmann's earnings were donated to an orphanage. The same orphanage was mentioned by all sources. The orphanage bears no knowledge of the source of these donations, and the orphanage shall not be named.

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